Optimise your costs thanks to GEFCO packaging solutions

21 June 2018

A range of lean and green solutions to optimise your supply flows


Are you using non-reusable packaging? Do you have a pool of containers that you want to optimise?  Do you want to improve your assembly line supply?

We offer you a complete range of reusable packaging solutions. Furthermore, we ensure the design and the supply of packaging, the daily control and management of the packaging supply chain from start to finish. All these effective and green solutions are presented by the Reusable Packaging activity director at GEFCO, Sébastien ROGER.

1Could you describe the Reusable Packaging solutions at GEFCO in just a few words?

The Reusable Packaging solutions involve taking charge of the clients’ packaging management issues.

Our experts handle the financing and/or the management of the entire packaging supply chain. To this end, we benefit from 25 years experience in containers management, an extensive packaging pool and a multi-skilled team locally or at a Group level. Thus, we cover the entire service from the optimisation, the planning and the follow-up of the flows of containers to the change management onsite for all the players. If necessary, we also ensure the maintenance and the washing of the packaging. Finally, we guarantee the tracking and the complete flows visibility thanks to our efficient information system, Netbox.


2. What benefits are provided to the clients?

Our reusable packaging experience lets the client focus on their core business by entrusting their reusable packaging challenges to our expert teams. The client can therefore eliminate packaging issues during the components’ price negotiations with their suppliers. Then, we optimise the supply operations of suppliers’ empty packaging by guaranteeing their availability and by maximising the trucks loading rate.

Reusable packaging also helps the client to improve components’ protection, to optimise the line feed area and to decrease the carbon footprint due to non reusable packaging waste.

Lastly, thanks to our packaging pool, we enable the client to save Cash Flow for the benefit of their production investment.


3. What are the planned developments for the Reusable Packaging solutions?

The planned developments depend on the sector’s maturity for packaging management. In many sectors, packaging activity has an important optimisation potential because it is one of the final activities which are not fully maximised.

Thus, we can support manufacturers to identify productivity sources, by analysing their packaging supply chain, by determining the best packaging supply scheme and by guiding them through change management.

The strength of our network is to support the clients in the implementation and management of their packaging schemes on a national and international scale.


4. What are the innovation axis?

Tracking is a key factor in the industry 4.0. There are currently two ongoing projects to offer more value to the clients:

- Geo-tracking which helps with the tracing of full and empty packaging flows.

- RFID enabling the follow up of a container and associate the related stocked components. This project is performed in close partnership with the players in the automotive sector.

The combination of the two innovations will ensure the entire tracking of the containers and their contents. 

To conclude and to put into the perspective, packaging is not a constraint but it is an incredible tracking and visibility tool in the supply chain, which is a huge productivity source for our clients.

Our teams are mobilised to support the manufacturers in this transformation by providing clients with our expertise, our transportation network and logistics infrastructures.

«We support manufacturers to identify productivity sources by analysing their packaging supply chains.”

S. ROGER, Reusable Packaging activity director, GEFCO