Customised solutions to optimise, operate and coordinate all of your customs formalities

Move towards zero risk and optimise your financial flows.

Does your business require the reliability of all procedures in full compliance with the regulations?

Every day our experts design, complete and coordinate, on your behalf, a set of services allowing control, visibility and reduced friction in European and international flows.

Are you ready for Brexit? Our solutions

Take a step ahead to face Brexit! Find out:

  • What it at stake
  • 10 best practices to prepare for  Brexit
  • GEFCO Brexit solutions
  • How to successfully manage IMPORT cross border operations to the UK
  • How to successfully manage EXPORT cross border operations to the EU
  • What is the FRENCH SMART BORDER?
  • Our Brexit FAQ
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A variety of Customs solutions from the most strategic to the most operational

Managing complexity, securing and accelerating your flows

GEFCO, certified Approved Economic Operator (AEO) in 17 countries, has nearly 50 years of experience in requirements. 

With expertise in international flow engineering, backed by an international network of local experts and a unique information system, our teams operate a range of solutions from the most strategic to the most operational.

Our range of services:

  • Regulatory watch
  • Customs audit, engineering and flow optimization
  • Design of optimised and simplified solutions: bonded warehouse, inward and outward processing, unique customs clearance procedure ...
  • Management of commercial documents
  • Support for customs classification and identification of origins
  • Estimate of customs duties
  • Customs clearance operations: import/export declarations, transits, TIR and ATA book preparation, declaration of exchange of goods
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • Centralised coordination of multi-country customs operations via an international customs control tower.

Dedicated Customs Control Tower solutions

Providing international centralised customs coordination

With our expertise in control towers and single point of contact we will synchronize all your operations.

Our control towers are based on the expertise of our central engineering teams, operating in an international network and a unique collaborative information system.

Our control towers allow you to benefit from simplifications and improved delivery times

Our services:

  • Support for your multi-country customs clearance orders
  • Tracking of your customs operations
  • Performance monitoring
  • Consolidation and centralised billing

Combined expertise

Strengthening and improving the competitiveness of your supply chain 

The synergy between our , and logistics know-how provides you with unparalleled expertise in the market.

Our strength lies within our ability to combine , fiscal and Logistics engineering (finding the most competitive solution) with tactical know-how by incorporating our control tower, flow management and track & trace system.

Benefit from GEFCO's expertise!

  • Financial gains and cash flow optimisation
  • Greater supply chain efficiency
  • Harmonised end-to-end processes


Ensuring the reliability and security of  procedures

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17 AEO* certification

*Authorised Economic Operator


countries where operations are carried out

> 50

years of experience in

> 430000

operations completed (2018)


  • Simplicity

    • Single point of contact
    • Integrated Logistics solutions
    • Management of your customs operations
  • Efficiency

    • Operational excellence
    • Cost optimisation
    • Reduced transit time
  • 360° visibility

    • Real time monitoring of your operations
    • Performance management
    • Control of international flows via a Control Tower