Competitive and eco-friendly solutions for your long-distance transport

Are you looking for efficient answers to complex transportation issues, such as covering long distances, serving congested areas, transporting significant volumes, heavy lift equipment, raw materials?

Do you want to combine economic performance and environmental commitments to create sustainable value ? We provide you with eco-friendly competitive rail solutions and offer you an access to the main strategic rail routes between Europe, China and Russia.

Connect your main clusters!

Strategic rail routes : Asia, Europe, and 1520* area

The market dynamics of China and Russia as well as the dynamics of new Silk Roads require new solutions in transport and logistics. In response to these challenges, we have expanded our business in Russia and Central Asia and we offer intercontinental rail solutions based on the largest Russian railway network in terms of size and density and handle the complexity of European region. Thanks to our volumes with automotive trains, we can offer competitive transport solution to any kind of railway project.

Our rail trade lanes:
•    Europe <–> Asia: Silk Road
•    Europe <–>
•     <–> Asia
•    Intra 
•    Intra Europe

* The strategic Russia &  zone takes its name from the geographic region that uses an interconnected rail network with a single track gauge (1,520 mm).


The Silk Road: innovative tradelanes

Innovate and optimise your transport from China to Europe

Today 95% of trade between China and Europe is completed by ocean. Rail solutions offer a real alternative to ocean freight transportation: twice as fast as ocean transport and 10 times cheaper than air freight. Rail  transportation is also an eco-friendly solution.
With our presence in China, Russia, the * zone and Europe, we offer you innovative and reliable rail solutions for your specific or regular requirements.

•    3 weeks: transit time between China and Europe  
•    Low impact from fuel price
•    5 x less CO2 emission than Ocean  
•    More than 15 trains per weeks  

Tailored capacities

Benefit from smart, competitive and eco-friendly solution

•    Single wagon: loading of one or more wagons
•    Block train: a complete and dedicated train on a defined corridor

Choose the rail solution that matches your business needs 

With our rail freight solution, you can transport both your raw materials and finish products via conventional or combined transport 

  • Conventional transport
    Door-to-door solution via train only, with or without transhipment. The goods are loaded directly into the wagon. This solution is ideal for the transport of your raw material supplies and the transport of vehicles exiting the factory. It makes it possible to deliver large volumes at lower costs.
  • Combined transport
    Goods are loaded into an Intermodal Transport Unit (ITU). It can be a semi-trailer, a swap body or a container. We combine different transport modes : Ocean + Rail, Road + Rail. This solution is perfect for shifting, from road to a more green transport mode.


Dedicated solutions for your industry

Automotive: Optimise your finished vehicle transportation

As the expert in automotive logistics and to meet your needs in terms of cost, lead times, quality and CO2 reduction, we have made rail transport a priority. With a modern 4,000 railcar wagons fleet, we transport more than 900,000 new vehicles annually.

  • Double-deck wagons, mobile decks, flat wagons to optimise the loading
  • Wagons equipped with protection systems to ensure security: mesh sides, specific wedging systems...
  • Departures several times a week
  • Global coverage in Eastern and Western Europe
  • Russian, European (IUC) and Spanish gauges
  • End-to-end track and trace


Agricultural, Building materials, Mining and handling equipment: Benefit from a turnkey solution for your oversized products

As an expert in oversized equipment logistics, we offer you end-to-end turnkey rail solutions tailored to the weight and volume of your equipment.

  • Adapted transport of out of gauge goods with appropriate lashing, handling and packaging
  • Multimodal solution with secure transhipment
  • Rental of wagon equipment on spot and long-term basis
  • End-to-end track and trace


Energy and steel transport: Secure your massive flows

As an expert in logistics in the energy sector, we offer turnkey end-to-end rail transport solutions for transporting your raw materials and equipment.

  • Dedicated block trains with optimised costs thanks to our large panel of sub-contractors
  • Transport of liquid raw materials with tank wagons, tank containers or flexitanks
  • Transport of coil with appropriate wagon and optimisation of loading capacity
  • Rental of wagon equipment on spot and long-term basis
  • Transloading of product in dedicated terminals
  • Secure door-to-door management of the flows


High-Tech: Choosing security and efficiency

As a high-tech logistics expert, we offer end-to-end rail transport solutions that meet your security, transit times and requirements.

  • Containers with GPS
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Real-time alerts (SMS / E-mail) 
  • Permanent monitoring of temperature and humidity levels
  • Vibrations tracking
  • Light detector


Fashion: Transport your products on hangers from end-to-end

As an expert in fashion logistics, we offer door-to-door GOH integrated solutions that ensure the integrity of your products and accelerate your time to market.

  • Door-to-door multimodal services for fashion from Asia to Europe
  • Our rail solution includes pre-carriage via GOH truck, terminal to terminal transport via rail and delivery to consignee, plant or event site in Europe.


Our offer of GOH containers

  • GOH 40‘-2 level / 44 hanging bars
  • GOH 20’-1 level / 22 hanging bars

Rail Solutions Leaflet

Highly reliable & sustainable rail transportation

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automotive wagons

Access to a 85,200 km rail network

operated by RZD, GEFCO’s major shareholder

Official Forwarder

of Russian rail tariffs

A dedicated international team

present in 15 countries, 3 continents


  • Simplicity

    • Single point of contact
    • Integrated Logistics solutions
    • Management of your customs operations
  • Efficiency

    • Operational excellence 
    • Cost optimisation 
    • Reduced transit time
  • 360° visibility

    • Real time monitoring of your operations
    • Performance management
    • Control of international flows via Control Tower